Thursday, July 7, 2011


Louie does some stand up on "Louie"
Credit: FX

Some quick thoughts on tonight's episode of Louie are after the jump.

My mind is in two camps with this episode. On one hand, it's satirical look at buying a house was very, very funny. On the other, this is an episode about Louie trying to find a place to live that's not connected with his ex-wife. These two camps are not going to merge together into one major idea because they are so separate and prevalent on their own.

So, I just can't make up my mind on whether this is the funniest episode of the season, or if it's one of the most depressing. So I'm going to have to go with that it's both. Louie going house hunting had some of the funniest material in a comedy this month. The problems with the houses ended up being hysterical. 

Then the episode takes a very dark turn. Louie finding the perfect house and not being able to afford it was incredibly depressing, yet incredibly brilliant. This show is great at making material like this land, and it did a fantastic job with showing exactly why Louie would want the REALLY expensive house. This was the material that brought it from just a bunch of jokes and actually gave it meaning.

Some other thoughts:
  • This episode featured the return of Pamela. I don't remember her being that pushy in her previous appearances  but this show has no continuity so it works.
  • I liked how Louie decided that all he needed to do was repaint the apartment. The tag was a good one this week.
  • This week in Louie stand up: we get a very funny opening blurb with a pretty standard (and funny) routine and then a piece at the end with thematic ties to the episode, also funny.
I really don't have a lot to say on this episode beyond that. This episode was brilliant. It was the perfect combination of funny and dark.

What did everyone else think?

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