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Emmy Predictions 2011: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy

Zachary Levi plays "Chuck"
Credit: NBC
This post is a part of a series on the 2011 Emmy nominations. I continue my coverage with the category Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy after the jump.

Part 1: Last Year's Nominees
Jim Parsons-"The Big Bang Theory" *Winner
Alec Baldwin-"30 Rock"
Steve Carell-"The Office"
Larry David-"Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Matthew Morrison-"Glee"
Tony Shalhoub-"Monk"

This could be a category with half of the spots open. "Monk" ended in the last Emmy cycle, "Curb" took the year off, and Matthew Morrison is a terrible actor. 

Part 2: My Predictions
Jim Parsons-"The Big Bang Theory"
Alec Baldwin-"30 Rock"
Steve Carell-"The Office"
Rob Lowe-"Parks and Recreation"
Matt LeBlanc-"Episodes"
Louis CK-"Louie"

Last year's winner Jim Parsons will be back. Alec Baldwin got to play multiple versions of himself in the 100th episode of 30 Rock and he won three years in a row, so he'll be back. Steve Carell got some fantastic material to play in his final season of the Office, so he'll be back. This is where things get interesting. Rob Lowe is a known quantity to Emmy voters and he's a big name. Look for him to be on the nomination board. Matt LeBlanc is another known quantity and name, and he got to satirize himself, so he should get a nomination. I cannot include Matthew Morrision on this list on basic principle, so I'm giving the sixth slot to the best dark horse, Louie CK. He probably won't get nominated, but I will do anything to avoid predicting Matthew Morrison.

Part 3: If I Had an Emmy Ballot...

My first choice should be obvious from the picture. Zachary Levi has been giving a fantastic performance on this season of Chuck. He is one of the few actors who has the versatility to play both comedy and drama with ease. This season of Chuck was another strong one for him. His material with actors such as Linda Hamilton, Timothy Dalton, and Yvonne Strahovski was brilliant. The fact that he was able to be on the same screen as Timothy Dalton and not be overshadowed by him is a testament to his presence and acting skill. Unfortunately, there's no chance that he will get an Emmy nomination.

My next choice is one that I think everyone will have on their Emmy ballots. Steve Carell gave a performance that was truly fantastic in his final season. I may not like aspects of his character, but there's no denying that the back half of the season had some fantastic material for Carell. In what would be his submission episode ,"Goodbye, Michael", Carell hit it out of the park. It was an episode that showed off the best of his character and gave Michael (and Carell) a fitting sendoff. He absolutely deserves the Emmy based off of this episode.

If this was an award for putting the most into a comedy, the award would easily go to Louis CK for all of the work that he did on Louie. Unfortunately, this award doesn't cover all of this. He might be a better writer then an actor but he is giving a very good performance on his show. He certainly deserves an award for his performance in the first season of Louie. He was genuinely funny and very intelligent in his performance.

Now, we move on to an actor who is his show. Jim Parsons is who makes the Big Bang Theory as watchable and as funny as it is. He deserved the award that he won last season for his performance as Dr. Sheldon Cooper. This season (and last season), there were points where they took Sheldon too far, but Parsons never faltered. He is truly a class act who deserves the nomination that he will get on the day that the awards are revealed.

This man will absolutely be in the field, and deservedly so. Alec Baldwin has been doing great work in this season of 30 Rock. Whether it was playing multiple versions of himself, dealing with Chloe Moretz, or dealing with his wife being kidnapped Baldwin has never let up this season. The only thing that I don't like about his performance is he might beat Steve Carell for the Emmy that he deserves.

The last slot on my ballot has to go to one man who has been a fantastic straight man among a ton of craziness surrounding him. Joel McHale has done a fantastic job in this season of Community because he wasn't crazy. He brought a sense of sanity to a show that has done a freaking zombie episode. That's no small achievement, and it's something that is Emmy worthy.

That's a wrap on this category. If you have some thoughts that you would like to share on my predictions/picks, or some predictions/picks of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Tonight/Tomorrow: I don't know when I will get this done, but when I do, I will move on to Outstanding Drama Series.

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