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Emmy Predictions 2011: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy

Nick Offerman is Ron F***ing Swanson!
Credit: NBC
This post is a part of a series on the 2011 Emmy nominations. I continue my coverage with the category Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy after the jump.
Part 1: Last Year's Nominees
Eric Stonestreet-"Modern Family" *Winner
Ty Burrell-"Modern Family"
Chris Colfer-"Glee"
Jon Cryer-"Two and a Half Men"
Jesse Tyler Ferguson-"Modern Family"
Neil Patrick Harris-"How I Met Your Mother"

There's nobody here who isn't eligible this year, but there is room for another actor because Jon Cryer won't be nominated this time around due to all of the negativity surrounding this season of Two and a Half Men.

Part 2: My Predictions
Eric Stonestreet-"Modern Family"
Ty Burrell-"Modern Family"
Ed O'Neill-"Modern Family"
Chris Colfer-"Glee"
Neil Patrick Harris-"How I Met Your Mother"
Nick Offerman-"Parks and Recreation"

Eric Stonestreet, Chris Colfer, and Neil Patrick Harris are certain to return. Stonestreet won last year, Colfer is giving one of the finest performances in the category, and NPH has been nominated the past four years. There should be two more Modern Family slots besides Stonestreet, and they should go to Ty Burrell and Ed O'Neill. Lastly, Nick Offerman is too good not to be noticed. Poehler got nominated last year so the show is a known quatitity to Emmy voters. It will be an uphill climb and it's not a certainty, but he should be able to get a nod.

Part 3: If I Had an Emmy Ballot...

As usual, my first choice should be obvious from the picture choice. Nick Offerman is giving one of the strongest performances on television right now. This man plays one of the most difficult characters to play in a comedy with ease.  Offerman makes me laugh as a regular basis, and makes a character who could be as flat as a cardboard box very round. This man has proven himself to be worthy of an Emmy win, let alone a nomination.

Because the male cast of Parks and Rec is so good, I have to nominate another actor here. While Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt would be perfectly appropriate here, I have to give this slot to Adam Scott. He is the perfect straight man for the show. He does deadpan humor very, very well and portrayed Ben's reactions to Pawnee in a very funny and convincing way. He's just too damn funny each and every week for me to leave off my ballot.

Glee has not been strong this season, but there's one character who I have been able to love the entire season. Chris Colfer is doing fantastic work on the show. He does a fantastic job with all of the emotional life turmoils that his character is going through. His performance is simple and effective dramatic acting. I care about what happens to Kurt, and that's completely thanks to Colfer. If you don't believe me, just listen to his cover of "I Want to Hold Your Hand". It remains as heartbreaking as when I first heard it in October.

This is another case of an actor that had a great season on a show that didn't. Jason Segal from How I Met Your Mother had his strongest season on the show yet. Marshall losing a father brought out acting that I would never have expected from this actor. His work in those few episodes was truly impressive. It was some very strong dramatic acting and it helped create some of the strongest episodes of this lackluster season of HIMYM.

There are two actors who I would like to acknowledge for their performances on Community this season. When I tried to choose between Danny Pudi and Donald Glover, I just couldn't. These actors are both doing amazing work on this series. Pudi plays Abed so damn well and he allows the show to be able to navigate through all of the tones that it does with ease. In one episode, he could be delivering a baby, in another he's Hans Solo, and in another, he's giving a monologue about his time on the Cougar Town set. If you want to know why I put Donald Glover on the ballot, just watch his material in the documentary episode. He is screamingly funny in that episode, and all of the others that Community did this season.

Honorable Mentions: This is a category where there were many actors who just fell short of a nomination. Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt continued to do great work on Parks and Rec this season. Neil Patrick Harris didn't have an arc as strong as Segal's arc, but his arc about finding his dad comes very close. He would have made the ballot if I was able to decide between Pudi and Glover. Garret Dillahunt helps make Raising Hope watchable and is consistently great each and every week. Josh Hopkins was very versatile in this season of Cougar Town, being very silly and funny and carrying strong emotional weight as well. Mike O'Malley doesn't appear very much, but when he does he's fantastic. The Modern Family guys (Ed O'Neill, Eric Stonestreet, Ty Burrell, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson) continued to be very funny this season.

That's a wrap on this category. If you have some thoughts that you would like to share on my predictions/picks, or some predictions/picks of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Later Today: Because I fell behind this week, you get a bonus category today! Look for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama later this afternoon. 

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