Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hello Everyone, It's Been Awhile...

Hello readers, it's been awhile.

I would like to apologize to you all for my prolonged absence from the blogosphere over the past few weeks. I know that when you read this blog you expect me to be there writing new posts, and I haven't been there recently.

I could rant about how I'm enjoying summer, how my summer job is very tiring (for the record, I make no money on this site at this point), and how my summer work is taking up a lot of time but I won't. I know that I don't feel like writing long tirades on those subjects, and that you don't want to read paragraphs and paragraphs about excuses.

What I want to do is get back to writing between 2 and 5 posts a week about television. This will happen immediately.

Although, there is one more detail I want to work out. I have been horrible about the Old TV Watch Project. Three series proved to be way too much to run at the same time.

Here's my proposal: First, we finish off Firefly with a Serenity review. I know there are people who email me often about that and I feel awful for not getting to it when it was scheduled in June. That will be online Thursday. Then, it becomes a little more complicated. I don't think I can make this a weekly project. I think I'm going to make this more like Myles McNutt's catchup project and write about one season at a time, when I have time to write it.

So how it would work is whenever I have time to watch and episode or two and throw together a post, I'll do that. I will probably end up posting 2-4 posts a month. As for the show, I though long and hard about this. In the end, it came down to pageviews, and my Veronica Mars posts are higher viewed then my Friday Night Lights posts. So, what I'm going to do is write as many posts as I can, when I can write them. I will give you 24 hours notice on each post to watch the episodes on DVD or on theWB.com. Friday Night Lights will resume as soon as I finish Veronica Mars Season 1.

So, let's get back to it! Look for some brief thoughts on the White Collar midseason finale publishing at 10PM.

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